Black Principals Network

The Black Principals Network is designed around the belief in the exponential power of connection and leverages this dedicated space to collaborate, support, and grow.

The network aims to co-create a restorative community for Black principals through collective and individual programming focused on self-care, sustainability, and liberation through collective problem-solving, self-discovery, and access to high quality resources.

To apply, please submit an interest form.

Principals in this network will:
  • Co-create a community for and by Black principals who are values-aligned and committed to the liberation of Black students and families
  • Contribute to a community of practice that affirms Black genius in all its dimensions
  • Develop nurturing relationships with peers from across the country and share resources, wisdom, and insights to promote self-care, sustainability, and social-emotional
  • Reflect deeply and engage in dialogue about current educational models and values tensions in PreK-12 educational settings while exploring new design choices
  • Support principal effectiveness and retention through monthly curated sessions
  • Access discounted mental health, wellness, and coaching services through national partners
  • Enjoy coordinated networking opportunities with peers
  • Provide or receive mentorship with network participants
  • Access high-quality, vetted, and relevant resources for personal and professional growth and support

Members are individuals who:
  • Currently serve as a principal with at least 5 years of in-school experience (minimum of 2 years as a principal or assistant principal of a district, charter, independent, virtual, or parochial school in the United States)
  • Have weathered challenges, either professionally or personally, and demonstrated tenacity, perseverance, and maturity, and are willing to share their expertise
  • Commit to deepening or expanding their leadership in community with others
  • Demonstrate an individual commitment to advancing racial equity and pursuing liberation
  • Possess a resilient and ambitious attitude that believes change is possible

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